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The difference between a working dog and your pet.

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Working dogs are dogs bred to perform tasks for a job or a sport. There are many different types of working dogs, and as many jobs that they are trained to do.

Service, detection, search and rescue, military, police, and the list goes on.

Pets or companion dogs in my opinion also perform a task, they are loving, stress-releasing family members. This is not to say that a working dog can't also be a pet or a pet a working dog.

Your pet dog, once trained, can bring unspeakable joy to you and your family.

If you're thinking of getting a dog (especially a working breed), I strongly suggest that you research and know the capabilities of the breed. If possible, see the parents/grand parents. Make sure the puppy or dog fits into your lifestyle.

Look for a responsible breeder.

Ask questions, find out all you can before getting a puppy! They are living creatures and deserve a great home and life.

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