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Why is my puppy biting?

Puppies play, and in doing so, they chew. They like to investigate and use their mouths, noses, and feet.

It is important that your puppy learns not to use mouth to hurt you or your family.

Use chew toys to distract the puppy from biting your hands and feet or anything they shouldn't be biting. Do not reward behaviors you don't want! It maybe cute when they are puppies but become dangerous when they are older.

You should have a word to use that means do not do that. Striking the puppy is not an acceptable form of stopping this behavior.

About 6 weeks a puppy would have all of their baby teeth, they don't have any baby molars. Around 12 weeks teeth will begin falling out and their permanent teeth will begin to come up.

Around the age of 6 months, the puppy would have gotten all of it's permanent teeth.

Just like babies, puppies do tend to chew during this period.

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