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Steel Drum Entertainment

Adrian D. Ward, a solo steel drummer equipped with a PA system, backing tracks, and lights, is the ideal choice for providing the perfect background music at various occasions such as pool parties, dinner gatherings, cocktail events, weddings, and corporate functions. With the addition of vocals, keyboards, guitar, and percussion, we can transform into a dynamic duo, trio, quartet, or a lively party band that will transport you and your guests to a tropical paradise!

His diverse repertoire spans genres like Calypso, Reggae, Soca, Jazz, Latin, Pop, and Samba, ensuring the ability to tailor the musical ambiance to your event's specific needs. Infuse your function with the authentic and enchanting sound of the steel drum, creating an entertaining atmosphere that will make your special event truly memorable.

About Adrian

Adrian D. Ward, a virtuoso in the realm of steel drums, discovered his passion for the "Steel Pan" in an unexpected turn of events during his school days. Initially resistant to the instrument, Adrian succumbed to the persistent encouragement of friends, unlocking a musical journey that would shape his life.

His foray into the world of steel drums began with learning the basics, and within a few months, a profound love for the instrument blossomed. The wait for access to melody pans heightened his anticipation, leading him to develop an affinity for the deep yet melodic sound of the double tenors.

Adrian's musical odyssey expanded as he became an integral part of numerous bands in his native Barbados, gracing stages on cruise liners and even venturing into Canada. In Kelowna, BC, Canada, he showcased his versatility as the bass guitarist and played a pivotal role as one of the founding members of the reggae band Storm.

Today, Adrian D. Ward stands as a seasoned musician, captivating audiences with his steel drum performances in and out of Barbados. His dynamic and soulful renditions echo his journey from a reluctant novice to a maestro of the steel pan. Whether serenading the shores of Barbados or bringing the Caribbean vibes to diverse locations, Adrian's musical prowess continues to leave a lasting impression.


For a mesmerizing experience that blends talent, passion, and the enchanting sounds of the steel pan, look no further than Adrian D. Ward. Contact him for more information or to book an unforgettable musical experience for your event.


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